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Orthodontist in Methuen

Braces Orthodontics Pediatrics Methuen has launched orthodontic services as a top-notch orthodontist in Methuen. We aim to provide you with an exciting experience at our orthodontic and dental office in Methuen, and we want to see your smile! Not only do we want to put in...

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Orthodontist in Methuen

Braces Orthodontics Pediatrics Methuen has launched orthodontic services as an orthodontist in Methuen. We know that one of your greatest assets is your smile. You want to walk into a room with confidence and present yourself with your best smile, whether in family gather...

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Orthodontist Methuen

Braces Orthodontics Pediatrics Methuen has launched orthodontic services as an orthodontist Methuen. We are transforming the smiles of one patient at a time through excellence, passion, and innovation. When you consult us today, our team of orthodontists and staff will work ...

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Straight Teeth in Methuen

Braces Orthodontic Pediatrics Methuen has launched services for straight teeth in Methuen. You may want to know that braces are not for teens and kids only – they can serve to straighten teeth for anyone who wants to have a more beautiful smile. When you consult us toda...

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Straight Teeth Methuen

Braces Orthodontics Pediatrics Methuen has launched services for straight teeth Methuen. That is why we don’t want crowded or crooked teeth to hide the real you. Our expert can help straighten your smile with appliances, braces, and Invisalign. We will work with you to wea...

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Methuen Orthodontics

Braces Orthodontics Pediatrics Methuen has launched services for Methuen orthodontics. We know that an essential building block to overall good health is preventive care. That is why our team of experts wants quality dental care to be accessible to our Methuen patients witho...

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Orthodontist Methuen

Braces Orthodontics Pediatrics Methuen has launched orthodontic services as an orthodontist Methuen. We have the expertise and experience to help you reinvent your smile. We offer a full-service orthodontic practice in Methuen and the surrounding areas. Patients of all ages ...

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Invisalign in Methuen

Braces Orthodontic Pediatrics Methuen has launched services for Invisalign in Methuen. There has never been a better time for you to straighten your teeth with the most advanced solution in the world. We are proud to be a certified provider of Invisalign that gives you a co...

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Invisalign Methuen

Braces Orthodontics Pediatrics Methuen has launched services for Invisalign Methuen. We offer high-quality dentistry that stands the test of time. With the new option in orthodontics, you don’t need uncomfortable, bulky metal brackets filling your mouth to straighten your teet...

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4 months ago
Dr. Nina is an amazing Orthodontist. We refer all of our Invisalign and traditional braces to Dr. Nina and bop Braces. The office is new and modern, they take amazing care of our patients, and their fees are very reasonable. All patients report that their experiences were amazing. We would not refer to any other practice.
- Dr. C
4 months ago
We have been very happy patients of the Methuen Kangaroo Smiles office for over two years. Now that my daughter is at the age for braces, we are happy to be able to see Dr. Nina and bop BRACES in the same office. Our family loves the office, and it is nice to be able to see the pediatric dentist on the same day as the orthodontist. Dr. Nina is an amazing doctor, and spends the time necessary to ensure you understand the entire process of going through braces. We decided on a combined approach where my daughter will begin with regular braces, and then switch to Invisalign about half way through the treatment. We are so happy to have found this office, and travel from Salem, NH to see this wonderful team. I always recommend them to my family and friends. If you are looking for an orthodontist, this is the place!!!
- Rolando R
4 months ago
I have had all amazing experience with bop BRACES. We have been traveling from North Andover to see Dr. Mona and Kangaroo Smiles since 2016. Now that bop BRACES opened within the same location in Methuen, it was an easy transition. Dr. Nina already had access to my children's records, she is kind and the staff is amazing. Dr. Nina, the orthodontist, explained the entire process for both of my children, what I should expect in terms of time and finances. The treatment was far more affordable than two other offices we visited, and financing was offered. My daughter is now undergoing Invisalign Clear Braces, while my son's case was better suited for traditional braces. We love the atmosphere and staff at bop BRACES. We highly recommend them to anybody looking for exceptional orthodontic care.
- Mark B

Voted Most Loved Orthodontic Office

Braces Orthodontics Pediatrics – The Most Reliable Dental Clinic in Methuen
In recent years, the number of dental clinics offering services such as braces in Methuen has steadily increased. It’s worth noting that as much as all these clinics advertise themselves as top-notch dental services providers, this is not always the case. To avoid selecting a dental clinic that’s unreliable, you should go for one that is known to be exceptional. If you’re searching for the most exceptional dental clinic in Methuen and its surrounding areas, you should look no further than our beloved clinic, Braces Orthodontics Pediatrics. Located at 413 Broadway Suite, we are regarded by many as Methuen’s most outstanding dental clinic. Here’s why.

Experienced Staff
It’s essential to note that you must ensure that the clinic you choose to provide you with services like braces in Methuen has well-trained and experienced dentists before. You should ensure that your clinic-of-choice has well-trained and experienced dentists because such dentists never fail to deliver when called upon. As a clinic, we’re committed to ensuring that our patients get the top-notch services they deserve. Thus, when hiring a new staff member, we only hire one that is well-trained and has adequate experience. As a result of our strict hiring policy, we boast of having several exceptionally trained and sufficiently experienced dentists under our employ. On more than one occasion, our dentists have proven to be quite good at what they do. Thus, you can rely on them to take good care of your child.

High-Quality Services
At Braces Orthodontics Pediatrics, our number one priority has always been to ensure that we provide our patients with high-quality services. Before we opened our doors to the public, many locals complained of lacking a dental clinic they could rely on to provide their children with high-quality services. However, since we began offering our services, the number of such complaints has reduced remarkably due to the fact that we offer unmatched, high-quality services. As we provide top-tier services, it’s safe to say that if you need to have braces put in Methuen or Invisalign treatments provided to your child, we’re the right firm to contact. Just as we’ve offered plenty of previous patients fantastic services, we’d be more than happy to provide your child with top-notch services too.

Variety of Treatments
Different patients often require different services. As a clinic, we aim to cater to all. To achieve this goal, we have widened the range of services we offer during our existence. In the past, many residents of Methuen and its surrounding areas lamented about lacking a dental clinic that offered a variety of treatments. Nowadays, this is far from the case. Currently, we offer tooth extractions, tooth emergencies, teeth whitening, and space maintainers. We also provide stainless teeth crowns, custom mouth guards, protective dental sealants, fluoride treatment, and braces in Methuen. Judging by the long list of services that we offer, it’s pretty clear that if your child requires any dental service, we’ve got your back.

Possess State-Of-The-Art Equipment
When searching for a dental clinic to contact, it’s in your best interest to engage with a well-equipped one. This is because professionals working in well-equipped dental clinics often provide better services than professionals working in ill-equipped clinics. As a clinic that’s dedicated to ensuring it attains its patients’ satisfaction, we have, over the years, expanded the number of modern, state-of-the-art equipment that we possess. Using these brilliant pieces of equipment, our professionals have consistently provided our patients with amazing services. As such, if you’re searching for a clinic you can count on to offer your child fantastic dental services, we’ve got you covered. Whether you want to have braces put in Methuen or your child’s aching tooth extracted, worry not as we’re for you.

Easily Accessible
There’s nothing as frustrating to a parent as seeing his/her in pain or discomfort. Tooth issues are, more often than not, quite discomforting. If not catered to immediately, they usually become rather challenging to manage. Thus, if you’re child complains to you regarding an aching tooth, or if you notice your child’s breath has a foul smell, it’s advisable that you schedule an appointment for him/her with a reliable dentist. At Braces Orthodontics Pediatrics, we understand how discomforting tooth issues are. Hence, when contacted regarding a patient, we always ensure that we cater to him/her promptly. By selecting us as your preferred dental clinic in Methuen, you need not worry about your child having to wait for a long duration to get served.

A brilliant smile is usually a self-confidence boost. It’s a known fact that a good number of children with crooked teeth tend to have confidence issues. As this is the case, if you’re child has crooked teeth, you should consider gifting him/her braces in Methuen. Methuen is home to quite a number of dental clinics. As such, it’s understandable that you may find it difficult settling on one. If you’re looking for a dental clinic to handle the installation of your child’s braces, it’s critical that you settle on a clinic that is known to be reliable. Over the years, our clinic has proven to be reasonably reliable. Due to our reliability, we’ve earned much praise and loyalty from several locals. Given that our excellent dentists have handled the installation of many braces in Methuen successfully, it’s pretty evident that you can count on them to handle your child’s braces installation successfully as well.

Proven Track Record
Across all industries, firms with proven track records tend to offer better services than their competitors with poor track records. With this in mind, it’s advisable that when searching for a dental clinic to settle on, you select one that boasts a great track record. As a dental clinic that has continually been coming through for its patients, it’s no surprise that we’ve got a remarkable record of performance. Going by our fantastic track record, it’s fair to state that if you need dental services in Methuen, selecting us as your dental clinic-of-choice would be a pretty wise move.

Committed Professionals
Before you select a given clinic to offer your child braces installation services in Methuen, it’s crucial that you follow certain steps. These steps include seeking referrals, carrying out thorough background checks on the suggested clinics, and reviewing each of your references’ past patients’ feedback. By following these simple steps, you’ll quickly determine which of the recommended firms has committed professionals. At Braces Orthodontics Pediatrics, most of our patients are usually referred to us by our previous patients. It’s also worth saying that we boast of having a clean background and several fantastic past patients’ reviews. We attribute our massive success to the fact that we’ve got plenty of committed professionals under our employ. As our professionals are pretty committed to being of assistance to our lovely patients, choosing us to care for your child would be a decision you won’t ever regret making.

Dental clinics, just like general hospitals, must remain hygienic so as to prevent the spread of infections. This being the case if you’re looking for a dental clinic to obtain dental services from, selecting one that is known to be hygienic would be sensible. At our clinic, we value cleanliness. As such, we’ve hired several well-trained support staff who always maintain our facility’s cleanliness. Given that we’ve equipped them with all the necessary equipment as well as high-quality cleaning detergents, they normally perform excellent cleaning services.

Apart from our general cleaning support staff, we also have well-trained and experienced dental surgery assistants who always ensure that the surfaces where our dentists perform the procedures on our patients remain extra-clean. Like our general cleaning staff, our dental surgery assistants are also quite good at what they do. As such, by choosing to have us install your child’s braces in Methuen, you need not worry about your kid getting an infection.

Accept Multiple Payment Options
It’s a known fact that some dental clinics only accept cash payments. Some others only accept wireless transactions. It’s also worth noting that some accept certain insurance covers. To avoid finding yourself in a financial predicament, you must ensure your clinic-of-choice allows for multiple payment options when looking for a dental clinic. At our beloved clinic, we accept numerous payment options. Whether you want to pay cash for your kid’s braces in Methuen or through a check, you need not worry about being troubled.

Involve Our Patients
A good dental clinic has dentists with good communication skills. Dentists with good communication skills often involve their patients. They also offer them quality advice. At Braces Orthodontics Pediatrics, we’ve employed numerous such dentists. As such, if you’re looking for a dental clinic whose dentists have good communication skills, we’re the clinic for you.

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